The Ozoceutica line boasts a new version of the Ozone Beauty Spa: the enhanced Super-Ozone Sesazone 6000.
Produced in Cosmoproject’s “Ozone Chamber“, it is a high-performance ingredient, today with a molecule capable of incorporating a greater percentage of Ozonides. The dynamizing effect has high added value.

Ozone is formed during thunderstorms as a result of electrical discharges, and its typical odor is easily noticeable.

There are legends that tell of the ancient thousand-year old wisdom of Eastern monks who would place bowls of oil to oxidize in the air – well protected from the rain – in order to be able to act as a substrate for oxygen, precisely by virtue of the oxidation.

The proceeds were a thick liquid, somewhat unpleasant to sight and smell, but incredibly rich, so much so that it was considered a panacea that cured every ailment, an elixir of life, shaped by the wind and son of thunder.


And its key role in Beauty Spa products.

Despite so many virtues and so much power, Ozone could not be used in the cosmetic field for a long time, due precisely to one of its founding characteristics: instability, which led it to decompose, releasing oxygen.

Today, thanks to the technology of ozonation of unsaturated substrates, a catalytic reaction of addition of Ozone obtained from superpure oxygen and Sesame oil can be created, which translates into a new stable, bio-available active ingredient: Sesazone 6000 – the Superozone chemically standardized which allows biological oxygen to be brought to the skin in large amounts and with full-blown effects.

Months of oxidation and powerful storms are no longer needed to obtain it: this process of creating Superozone now takes place in the “Ozone chamber” of Cosmoproject – a leading company in the cosmetics industry, based in Parma, where special reactors reproduce the ozonation process typical of thunderstorms, guaranteeing a stable and hyper-enhanced active ingredient.

Sesazone 6000 is the key active ingredient of the brand new OZOCEUTICA line by Beauty Spa, to bring all the energy of this unique resource to the spa centers and beauty parlors and to at-home treatments.


  • Skin dynamization
  • Anti-aging action: the benefits in terms of reduction of the signs of aging are evident (fewer and less deep wrinkles), as is the improvement in the brightness of the complexion and cellular vitality.
  • Sanitizing action: Ozone boasts a proven sanitizing action against viruses and bacteria, essential especially in places where the skin requires maximum protection (for instance, swimming pools and gyms).
  • Re-epithelializing action: Ozone improves the skin’s ability to regenerate and stimulates skin re-epithelializing activity, proving essential in the case of skin that is sensitized, damaged or affected by environmental agents. It is essentially an excellent s.o.s. active ingredient to help the skin recover its comfort and well-being in the most difficult moments.

Ultimately, thanks to the use of products enriched with this active ingredient, the skin tissue finds the way to work better, repair daily damage and prevent hypoactivity. With benefits on cellulite, critical areas and now also on stretch marks thanks to the re-epithelializing skill of this special active ingredient.


The ancient Asians used to consider Ozone as a panacea against all ailments.
They were not wrong: it is a hyper-potent active ingredient, with great versatility, very useful for all skin types and essential in those situations that require special care and treatments.
These properties are today undisputed and proven by substantial clinical studies; by ensuring a surplus of energy to the cell, it “”reminds”” the skin how to carry out its daily work of recovery, repair and regeneration.



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