EYE CONTOUR AREA. What are we talking about?

About the absolutely most fascinating, complex area of ​​our face.

The eyes – actually, the entire eye contour area – express emotions and feelings, moods and thoughts. They talk about us. However, a critical aspect is where and how this happens.

The eye contour area, in fact, is very thin: only zero point five millimeters, compared to 1.7-2.5 millimeters of the rest of the face.

And more than a thousand blinks in twenty-four hours, in addition to the other infinite muscular contractions – both voluntary and involuntary – and the exposure to UV rays during the day, the rubbing against the pillow at night, the crying in front of love films and the sun on your face while driving, and the days spent in front of the PC, the maximum concentration in front of the smartphone and then the sleepless nights, because some worries or opportunities for fun are never missing.

In substance, THE CALLING CARD of our beauty and freshness

The area around the eyes is, in fact, the one that is most affected by our hasty, desperate lifestyle. And unfortunately it is also the first being affected by the passage of time, with changes that begin as early as the age of thirty – reduction in sebaceous secretion, decrease in muscle tone, sagging of the upper eyelid, loss of skin elasticity – and continue inexorably. Daily support is therefore essential, starting from the four main critical issues that all of us have encountered at least once in our lives.

FOUR GRIMACES. And we do not bat an eyelid

The golden rule for a PERFECT eye contour.

Dedicated to the orbicularis oculi muscle, i.e. the one that ensures that the eyelid does not sag, here is a four-move facial gymnastics exercise to combat the signs of aging (from the book “Fit&Face” by Silvia Pengo, Rizzoli). Movements 3 and 4 should be alternated 10 times.

  • Close your eyes by raising your eyebrow and relaxing your eyelid as much as possible.
  • Gently tighten the eye contour, without forcing.
  • Wink against the resistance of your hands. And release gently.
  • Open your eyes and mouth as wide as possible to completely flatten your face.

The golden rule for a perfect eye contour. Beauty Spa offers a pool of products dedicated to the eye contour area and the treatment of its blemishes, encompassed in the Eye Tech line by The Specialist. Each intervenes on specific problems, making use of targeted active ingredients. But the game is not played only with these allies: the removal of make-up is also very important, essential every night, to be carried out with specific products for the eye contour area. Carefully removing make-up before going to sleep is an essential step. It is useless to remind you of a technique well known to beauticians: soak the cotton pad in make-up remover and leave it to act on the eyes for a few moments, before passing it horizontally without rubbing. And a good morning starts in the evening.


Always keep a pair of sunglasses in your car to avoid excessive squinting on beautiful spring days!

TROUBLES affecting the eye contour area


It is the only blemish not linked to age, as it is caused by reduced lymphatic drainage due to tiredness, stress, alcohol, disordered eating, allergies or excess sleep. Swelling – also known as “bags” – forms when the orbital tissue becomes inelastic and sags due to increased fat.
KEYWORDS: draining and improving skin microcirculation.

Dark circles under the eyes

They are the first alarm bell, which indicates the need to undertake a routine with specific eye treatments with anti-aging action. Dark circles are due to the slowdown of skin microcirculation, associated with an accumulation of melanin, particularly visible in the case of light, thin skin. Few hours of sleep, intense mental or sporting activity and psychological tension worsen them.
KEYWORDS: improving skin microcirculation, enhancing hydration and offering light coverage.

Radial wrinkles

We did not want to call them “crow’s feet“, because it makes us sad. They are the classic fine lines that develop around the eyes, and which begin to appear around the age of thirty (unfortunately this is the case!). Two factors underlie this unpleasant blemish: exposure to the sun which causes photo-aging, and facial expressions with infinite facial expressions.
KEYWORDS: lifting action, improving skin hydration, smoothing out, always removing make-up.

Sagging of the eyelid

And so eventually the upper eyelid droops a little (starting from age 40). It is the harsh law of time…this is due to the natural structural failure of the skin tissue combined with a genetic predisposition and the inevitable action of gravity. It is a very unpleasant blemish, which makes the face look older and tired. If until recently the only remedy was cosmetic surgery, today there are specific highly satisfying products.
KEYWORDS: Botox-like lifting effect, redensifying action and skin restructuring.



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