Air POLLUTION is the INVISIBLE ENEMY of the cold season

Well yes, we are neck-deep in fall.

It seems like we are already hearing the news: pollution alarm, fine particles are skyrocketing, prefer public transportation and be careful about heating your homes too much.

Air pollution is the invisible enemy of the cold season: it weakens the body, makes it more vulnerable to attacks by pathogens and it underlies many seasonal ailments, as well as much more serious pathologies.

Fine particles and the skin

Fine particles are highly harmful even to the skin: they do not attack it directly, but insinuate themselves into the hair bulb, where they are covered by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are able to bind to the AhR cellular receptor causing:

  • Oxidative stress
  • Collagen alteration
  • Brown spots
  • Inflammation

Going through WINTER alone is a BEAUTIFUL CHALLENGE for your skin

It is therefore better to accompany it with a targeted product, which deeply knows how to defend it from PM attacks.

Lupus in fabula, here is Citymoist, an urban proof cream that contains a protective active ingredient selected for its ability to temporarily bind to AhR receptors instead of fine particles, thus hindering the degenerative process.

The benefits are numerous: from counteracting chrono-aging to protecting collagen, from a very pleasant luminous reflection for the skin to a restoration of its optimal bio-functionality.

If this was not enough, specific active ingredients for city life are incorporated into the formulation, such as Avenanthramides counteracting the inflammation typical of those who frequently move from open to closed places (just think of the subway) and three Hyaluronic Acids of different molecular weights to provide optimal hydration even when heating is at maximum.

Indispensable in the cold season, Citymoist is the metropolitan life-proof urban cream. A light massage, and off you go: ready for the city.
Other Beauty Spa branded products can be added to your skincare routine besides this wonderful cream, such as Pentavitamin (energy surplus with 5 vitamins, professional serum ideal for brightening gray skin, typical of those who live in urban environments) or the anti-pollution products of the line Aqua Concept perfect for cleansing like Hydramousse and Hydramilk.



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