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Beauty Spa offers the beautician tailor-made solutions for each client, capable of guaranteeing the best esthetic-functional result.
Knowledge, know-how and advanced skills: the team of technical consultants supports and enhances individual skills and performance in the beauty & spa center.

Beauty Spa, an avant-garde brand
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Dicono DI NOI

" I discovered Beauty Spa in 2019. It wasn’t love at first sight, but it became a passion over time, improved and strengthened over time. For the past 3 years I have embraced the principles of an always dynamic, elegant and cutting-edge company. "

Teresa Sergi

SUNRISE Beauty and Wellness – Reggio Calabria

" I have been using these products daily for 5-6 months and I must say that I am enjoying them very well, the results are clearly visible. My face was full of blemishes, redness, breakouts and now… When I woke up in the morning my skin was red and inflamed, which I no longer have, but I have smooth skin, like I haven’t had for a few years. "

Client of the “La Contessa”

Beauty Parlor Luxury Spa – Siderno (RC)

" “The Beauty Spa courses for beauticians make us professional and give us more skills than other centers, such as the ability to carry out an in-depth diagnosis and the client profile with their own sheet.The courses are specific and detailed on the specifics of the products, treatments and active ingredients.” "

Cinzia Marinaro

Venere Cosmetica – Cefalù (PA)

" “Neoskin by Beauty Spa absolutely lives up to its motto “”change your skin””.An important skin renewal and a complete resolution of many blemishes.” "

Femme Chic

Beauty spa – Reggio Calabria

" “Hi, I wanted to tell you that today I had my first Perfectage treatment…Truly a bomb!The client had a super oxygenated face.I’m really happy I purchased the whole line.” "

Sara Tarantini

Advanced Beauty Center – Rome

" I introduced a cosmetic line three years ago after testing many. I would never leave it – it’s just amazing. It has everything: face, body and almost medical acids. And at the first treatment the result is incredible: it resolves any blemish. In my center Beauty Spa only! "

Marzia Laganà

Femme Chic Beauty Spa – Reggio Calabria

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