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Beauty Spa offers the beautician tailor-made solutions for each client, capable of guaranteeing the best esthetic-functional result.
Knowledge, know-how and advanced skills: the team of technical consultants supports and enhances individual skills and performance in the beauty & spa center.

Beauty Spa, an avant-garde brand
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Dicono DI NOI

" “Hi, I wanted to tell you that today I had my first Perfectage treatment…Truly a bomb!The client had a super oxygenated face.I’m really happy I purchased the whole line.” "

Sara Tarantini

Advanced Beauty Center – Rome

" I introduced a cosmetic line three years ago after testing many. I would never leave it – it’s just amazing. It has everything: face, body and almost medical acids. And at the first treatment the result is incredible: it resolves any blemish. In my center Beauty Spa only! "

Marzia Laganà

Femme Chic Beauty Spa – Reggio Calabria

" The courses are unique, dynamic and also affordable. They are interesting and complete because they provide information and updates on various new protocols: therefore I work more safely in the treatment room, I am more prepared and the client has greater trust in me. "

Dominique Sacheli

Equilibra Estetica Avanzata – Canicattì (AG)

" Sesazone6000 – also known as blue gold – for me the no.1 of your line. For me?…Indispensable, in all treatments both in the beauty center (for the face, body, waxing and more) and at home…in one word: essential. "

Eleonora Spadaro

BRUELE Center – Velletri (Rome)

" I introduced Beauty Spa thanks to the advice of one of my collaborators. All their strength is in the product itself which always leads to great goals. There are many training courses and they are held by very high level trainers. I wouldn’t change them for any other company in the world. "

Cecilia Nardoni

Olivia Cooper Beauty Lab – Ciampino (Rome)

" Reliable, present and innovative. Every single product performs exactly the function for which it was created, without ever disappointing me. Beauty Spa is a jewel for us beauticians, which allows us to work by raising the level of quality to the maximum. Infinitely grateful. "

Priscilla Staghetti

Elisir Center – Monterotondo (Rome)

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