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Tan Drops

Concentrated Face & Body Self-Tanning Drops

Size: Flacone 50 ml

Ultra-concentrated self-tanning drops, formulated to intensify the complexion and give the skin a naturally tanned, radiant effect.

Used directly on the skin of the face and body, they act swiftly and intensely; mixed with treatment creams, they gradually warm the complexion to the desired tone. This special buildable liquid bronzer is ideal for all skin types, and it combines the self-tanning effect with a hydrating, elasticizing and preventative action against the signs of aging thanks to Sunflower Oil. The presence of DHA guarantees a quick spotless result in complete safety.

All skin types
The skin appears naturally tanned and glowing. This special liquid bronzer boasts moisturizing, elasticizing properties and a preventive action against the signs of aging.

Apply the desired number of drops to the face and body directly on the skin or mixed into the treatment cream for a more delicate effect. Blend carefully at the hairline, eyebrows, sides of the nose and face, near the ears and in the parts of the body that require more attention. The activation process begins after about an hour and the intensity of the complexion gradually increases. The product should be applied once a day, until the desired intensity is achieved. Keep on applying 2-3 times per week. It is recommended to exfoliate the skin before first use.


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