Moisturizing Active Primer

formato: Tube 15 ml

This technological primer incorporates a series of active ingredients that make it a functional product to all intents and purposes. The special compound based on Siegesbeckia orientalis extract and Albizia julibrissin boasts strengthening properties improving the skin micro-circulation, with benefits in terms of reducing bags and dark circles and of a lifting effect on the upper eyelid.
The formula also includes a bio-available peptide which counteracts the action of free radicals, the effects of oxidative stress and the action of UV and Infrared rays, while Vitamin E has a natural antioxidant action. For a perfectly treated eye contour area - immediately and over time.

It minimizes imperfections and discoloration (dyschromia), and at the same time it reduces bags and dark circles, having a lifting effect.

Apply to the eye contour area and gently dab until fully absorbed.


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