Soothing, Revitalizing Alginate Mask

formato: Jar 300 g

An Alginate occlusive mixture for a compensating, rejuvenating action - essential in treatments for mature skin which involve exfoliation with Organic Acids.

It refreshes and soothes, giving a very pleasant sensation of comfort.
Furthermore, it intervenes positively on the duration of skin hydration and on the remodeling of facial features; it also stimulates cell vitality thanks to the presence of the blue Spirulina microalgae in the formulation.

It refreshes and soothes, giving a very pleasant sensation of comfort. Enriched with a few drops of Superozone 1200, it is an excellent adjuvant for post-peeling recovery.

For professional use only. Mix 20 g of Morpheus with approximately 60 ml of distilled water, pour on face and neck and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Then remove the mask and remove residues with a damp cloth.


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