Serums and concentrates


Lipolytic Draining Serum

formato: Case with 5 bottles (15 ml each)

To effectively treat areas of the body affected by cellulite, a super-concentrated serum rich in active ingredients with lipolytic action. The exclusive formula makes it a high-performance product, with proven results.
The highly stimulating action of Caffeine, with a fatty acid mobilization effect, combines with the detoxifying properties promoting the drainage of stagnant liquids of Sambucus Nigra extract.
The formula is completed by Guarana and its stimulating and toning-up function.

Firming up
This super-concentrated serum acts effectively on the areas of the body affected by cellulite-induced blemishes. It has a strong draining, detoxifying action, thus making the skin suppler.

Smooth all over the areas to be treated and proceed as per method.


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