Pigmented textures


Functional Matte Effect Foundation.

formato: Bottle 25 ml



Ultra-light yet covering functional foundation, with a matte effect, containing selected micro-pearls for a sublime finish. Suitable for all skin types, it boasts a fluid, balanced formulation.

It contains a special plumping complex made up of cross-linked filling spheres that ensure intense, long-lasting hydration.
A technology that takes advantage of the vital force of rice to protect the skin tissue from the effects of pollution and blue light. Niacinamide boasts hydrating and brightening properties, whereas Bakuchiol stimulates the regeneration and production of collagen and elastin, reducing skin blemishes and discoloration (dyschromia).

It Minimises imperfections and improves the appearance of the complexion thanks to the buildable coverage.

Shake well before using. Apply after your routine skincare. For a light coverage effect, apply a dime-sized amount of foundation to the back of your hand and apply dots of the foundation with your fingers starting at the center of your face, blend the foundation outward with your fingers; for an intense coverage effect, overlap several layers with the help of the Beauty Spa Foundation Brush.


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