Exfoliating Chromoregulating Body Scrub

formato: Vaso 250 ml

Mild surfactant-based cleansing scrub paste.

It uses an effective mix for a combined physical and chemical exfoliation.
The first is guaranteed by Salt and Zeolite – which, in addition to renewing the skin, performs a detoxifying action, with important benefits for the skin tissue and its balance.
The chemical action is instead carried out by Phytic Acid, which also boasts keratolytic, anti-spot properties.

In this way, Phytiscrub promotes cell turnover and helps reshape skin discoloration.

Evening out
Special treatment
The skin of the body looks even toned, fresh and regenerated, ready to optimize the following treatment products.

Dampen the skin and proceed with an energetic, thorough massage.Rinse abundantly.


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