Draining and Slimming Body Kit

formato: Mandelic Peel - 3 vials (5 ml each), Fosfozone Plus - 3 vials (5 ml each), Lipozone Mask Plus - 3 vials (100 ml each), Milk&Fruit - 3 vials (10 ml each), Brochure

The perfect treatment to drain and reshape the body in a few sessions.
Thanks to a combination of high intensity ingredients such as Sesazone 6000 Ozonized Oil - which activates the metabolism - Caffeine and Phosphatidylcholine stimulating the lipolysis and anti-fat pads, super-draining Sea Salt and smoothing Mandelic Acid.

Wonderful in the Beauty Centers and also perfect at home thanks to the convenient kit: ask your beautician, get a tape measure and put the Beauty Spa to the test.

The kit contains everything needed for 3 complete treatments with the following products in single-dose format:
1. Mandelic Peel Fosfozone Plus
3. Lipozone Mask Plus
4. Milk&Fruit

Firming up
An awesome treatment with a slimming action thanks to the drainage of excess liquids and cellular dynamization.

A complete kit to carry out 3 treatments of approximately 30 minutes (1 per week) for a slimming, draining effect; for use in the beauty center or at home. Apply following the instructions in the included flyer.


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