Lotion Spray SPF 30

Sun Milk Face&Body Spray

formato: Spray can 200 ml

Effective protection from UV and Infrared rays, thanks to a fresh, light formulation, which is easily absorbed without being greasy.
The broad-spectrum, photostable filter platform respects the coral reef and guarantees SPF 30 protection, while the Physalis angulata extract protects from heat and damage due to Infrared, restoring dermal functionality. The hydrating, silky properties of Arginine give the skin a velvety and soft touch, even after sun exposure.

Waterproof. The practical spray can allows for easy and correct dispensing, regardless of the inclination.

This sun milk protects the skin from UV and Infrared rays without making the skin greasy. The skin feels hydrated and velvety even after sun exposure.

Before sun exposure, spray the product all over the body and gently massage until completely absorbed. If applied to the face, first spray a small amount of product on your hand, then gently massage until completely absorbed. Apply again frequently, especially after swimming or sporting activity.


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