Treatment kit


Strong Draining and Slimming Action on Legs and Abdomen

formato: Ozosmotic Saline Solution - 3 single-dose sachets, Lipolift - 1 100 ml bottle, Soaked leggings - 1 pair, Cartene (high-density polyethylene) trousers - 1 piece

An integrated system with a strong draining, reducing action, specific for legs and abdomen. Ideal in case of adiposity, cellulite and water retention, it exploits the osmotic properties of the Sea Concentrate in Saline Solution, synergizing them with the dynamizing charge of the Sesazone 6000 Ozonized Oil.
Lipo System Leggings is a truly intensive draining treatment, perfected by a selection of functional ingredients that stimulate the mobilization of lipids, carry out a lipolytic action and have a metabolic unblocking effect with evident benefits on adiposity and cellulite.

Firming up
Special treatment
The skin regains tone and firmness, thanks to this integrated system boasting a strong draining, slimming action, specific for legs and abdomen.

Apply Lipolift to the areas being treated, massage in circular motions from bottom to top until completely absorbed. Wear the Beauty Leggings covering the abdomen, preferably in the shower. Cover with Cartene (high-density polyethylene) trousers, tying at the waist. Leave on for 30-60 minutes. Keep the leggings pouch for subsequent applications. From the second use onwards, after having washed and dried the Beauty Leggings, insert them into the grip pouch at the time of use and soak them for about five minutes with the Ozosmotic Saline Solution refill. It is advisable to shake and massage the pouch to promote complete absorption. Finally, remove the Cartene (high-density polyethylene) trousers and Beauty Leggings, and massage the areas being treated, always from bottom to top. Do not wash, but dab to ensure that the functional ingredients continue to work. It is recommended to finish the treatment with Aquagelée.


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