Natural Treatment for Lips and Lip Contour

formato: Kit

The perfect hydration of the lips is a real treatment that reduces expression lines in the lip contour area.

The kit contains: Hyalulift 3D and MyLips.

The first is a concentrate of three Hyaluronic Acids, formulated to treat wrinkles in the lip contour area and give the skin a tightened, smooth appearance. It has a deep hydrating action and, thanks to the presence of active ingredients with Botox-like properties, smoothes the skin, giving it suppleness and firmness. The second is a plumping, nourishing lip balm that nourishes and protects from atmospheric agents, and it always makes lips soft and velvety. Mylips takes care of the lips thanks to the nourishing, rejuvenating supply of Shea Butter and the highly hydrating, filling and plumping properties of Hyaluronic Acid. The formula is perfected by Vitamin E, ideal for preventing the signs of aging and the onset of small expression lines in this area of ​​the face.

Natural extracts
Special treatment
The Kiss Me treatment is formulated with natural active ingredients of vegetable origin, mainly with organic certification. Ideal for having soft, hydrated lips and for combating expression lines.

Apply Hyalulift 3D every night on the expression lines of the lip contour area and pat until absorbed. Apply Mylips to lips as needed.


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