Crema viso SPF 50+ Pelli Acneiche

Facial Sun Cream Specific for Acne-prone Skin

Size: Flacone 50 ml

Acne-prone skin requires particular attention during sun exposure. There are two aspects to combat, in addition to UV-induced damage: the possible worsening of the inflammatory state and the tendency to develop discoloration (dyschromia), uneven skin patches and skin spots.
For this skin type, Beauty Spa offers a product that works synergistically: Avenanthramides have a softening and calming action, whereas a new technological molecule protects against pigmentary disorders while also exerting a photo-protective action, enhanced by Niacinamide. Finally, an ingredient based on natural cellulose fibers combats shine and excess sebum.

The special texture makes the correct application of the product easier, which guarantees protection and comfort.


Principi ATTIVI

Cellulose-based Texturizer It is a natural texturizer obtained from cellulose fibers from sustainable European forests, which offers an instant mattifying effect, as it absorbs excess sebum, reducing shine.
Niacinamide, or vitamin B3, is a versatile ally for the skin. It reduces inflammation and redness, minimizes pores and wrinkles, and controls oily skin without drying. It improves elasticity, stimulates collagen production and reduces hyperpigmentation, evening out the complexion. It is suitable for sensitive, acne-prone or discolored skin (with dyschromia), and provides a hydrating, soothing effect.
It strengthens the skin's barrier function and regulates its lipid metabolism.
Sunflower Seed Wax
It is an excellent repairing/healing agent and acts against the oxidation of skin lipids. It prevents dehydration and boasts soothing, nourishing and antibacterial properties.
Mimosa Floral Wax
Stabilizer in emulsions, it has film-forming and skin-protective properties.
Jojoba Esters
They boast moisturizing and nourishing properties.
Extract of Boswellia Carterii
It boasts calming, soothing, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. It is a natural ingredient that offers benefits to the skin, helping keep it healthy, hydrated and protected.
Anti-spot Molecule
It is a pure molecule that has widely demonstrated skin blemish-reducing properties thanks to an innovative mechanism that inhibits the release of melanin by melanocytes. It also prevents UVB-induced cell damage and reduces the release of inflammatory cytokines, helping slow down premature photo-aging.
Rice Germ Oil
Extracted from the germ and internal film of rice, it is an active ingredient rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which make it an ingredient with hydrating, emollient and protective properties against skin aging. 
Calibrated Filter Platform
It is a calibrated platform of inorganic and organic filters (which act by reflecting light and dispersing it, remaining inert and photostable), for perfect stability over time and safe, reliable protection. The particular combination of these two types of filters allows for excellent sensoriality, which is also essential for the correct application of the product. Furthermore, Sunsee filters do not damage the coral reef.
The skin appears nourished and hydrated. This product protects the skin from pigmentary disorders while also exerting a photo-protective action.

Apply the product immediately before exposure, avoiding the eye contour area. Apply several times a day, especially after bathing. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly.


Find out how to top off your care and beauty routine with products specific to your skin's needs, to use in the morning and at night. A daily routine combined with some special treatments ensures healthy and glowing skin, at all ages.

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