Compliance with rigorous hygiene standards to protect clients and operators, and constant training on health and safety issues in the workplace (Legislative Decree no. 81/2008) are today more than ever a guarantee for those who contact to an operator in the field.

In particular, there are a series of targeted indications and the obligation for the personnel in charge to equip themselves with control and prevention equipment (the reference goes, for instance, to the use of disposable masks and gloves) and the obligation to carry out periodic training on risk prevention.

Those who choose a regular beauty center – such as those selected and authorized to sell Beauty Spas – can sleep soundly even in times of a health emergency.

A choice THAT CAN MAKE THE difference

In fact, as underlined by CNA* Wellness and Healthcare: «What is currently set out in the guidelines by the Ministry of Health regarding the containment of the spread of possible infections is already largely guaranteed by Beauty and Cosmetic, Hairdressing and Wellness businesses precisely by virtue of pre-existing laws and regulations of reference».

The concern instead concerns non-regular operators and unauthorized centers, not having a regular operating license, which escape any surveillance and control activity.

The selected Beauty Spa centers are approved and, above all, safe.
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