It has become the faithful companion for every outing in public, but if on the one hand it is a powerful ally against viruses and bacteria, on the other hand it puts a strain on the skin.

The mask, now essential even by Decree, brings with it the great advantage of protecting us, while offering us something else in exchange that has been dubbed maskne by dermatologists and experts. That is, mask+acne, mask acne: a term coined to describe the appearance of a series of small or important skin reactions caused by wearing the ultimate protective device for many hours a day.

What it is about

Maskne can be defined as an irritative phenomenon that causes the appearance of small pimples in the areas covered by the mask.

These are initially mild imperfections, such as blackheads, itching sensations, white pimples, slight redness. However, if left untreated, they can evolve into more unpleasant and complex disorders to deal with.
Our thoughts turn to real skin irritations, inflammation and dryness, seborrheic dermatitis, contact allergies and acne rosacea… in a situation that can self-aggravate day after day.
Intervening is therefore essential even before the maskne appears.

What is it due to?

There are two causes:

  • The first is strictly mechanical and concerns the rubbing of the mask against the skin. Wearing this piece of protective equipment for many hours, well adhered to the face, also means allowing it to continue to rub the skin in the same points while we speak or simply use our facial expressions, causing irritation of a mechanical nature.
  • The picture becomes more complicated if we also consider that under the mask the skin is subjected to a surplus of humidity, heat and dirt, and cannot breathe adequately; ultimately, the ideal environment for bacterial proliferation is recreated. For this reason, the skin tissue produces excess sebum, causing the classic rebound effect: too much sebum, too many bacteria, humidity under the mask, obstruction of the pores, maskne.
    Last but not least, the use of masks that are reused over time without being washed, perhaps placed in a handbag and not disinfected, further influences the condition of the mouth area, contributing to worsening an already complex situation.
  • Choose the right mask, preferably disposable. Otherwise, always wash it.


The golden rule is prevention, as always. Dermatologists, in fact, agree that if the skin is in good balance and the mask is not worn for too many consecutive hours – even if there are no unequivocal indications of what can be considered “”too much”” – the mask offers the skin tissue protection from pollution and fine particles, and a good level of humidity which prevents dehydration. Basically, in small doses the mask is also good for the skin.

The situation is very different if the hours are long and if the epidermis is already a carrier of previous imbalances, such as excessive sebum production or, on the contrary, strong dehydration, sensitivity or excessive reactivity. In these cases, valid daily support is needed immediately.

– Prevention first and foremost: it starts today


The first, very important step is given
inevitably from cleansing.

Correctly cleansed skin, with products that do not damage the hydrolipidic film and respect its balance, is stronger and healthier skin, which is less affected by the effects of the mask.

We remind you that cleansing is functional to the person’s skin type and lifestyle, so it can only be identified and recommended by a professional who knows the skin characteristics of his client well, and directs him in the best possible way.
In general, however, for maskne it is essential to use – morning or evening – Cleanozone Plus, which thanks to the ozonated oil Sesazone 6000 carries out an essential purifying action to rebalance the skin tissue, cleanse it effectively and preserve the microbiota. Cleanozone Plus, with its cleansing by contrast thanks to amphoteric surfactants necessary to eliminate excess sebum and impurities, must be alternated with Hydramilk, which instead cleanses by affinity, since it contains active ingredients similar to the hydrolipidic film (called “biomimetics”).
Mechanical exfoliation with scrubs, usually carried out once or twice a week, should finally be maintained in the routine only if the skin appears intact, healthy and compact. In case of irritation or redness, it must necessarily be suspended for the area affected by these manifestations.

– Morning and evening cleansing: traces of make-up are not allowed.


Immediately after cleansing, the skin must be brought back to the right level of hydration, with the use of the most suitable tonic for your skin type – from Fine Toner to Aqualotion, passing through Balance Lotion – and the application of the functional product, be it serum or cream.

It is a good idea to choose less greasy formulas than usual, also selecting them based on the season and the contexts in which you move and work, considering lightness and the feeling of comfort a discriminating factor.

Also in this case, one product among many finds an ideal application here: Vitabioma, the day emulsion that acts as a skin equalizer by restoring the correct balance of the microbiota. As demonstrated by many studies, this balance is essential to guarantee the correct response of the skin to external stimulations and preserve the barrier function.
To complete this, a water spray should never be missing in your handbag – such as Midday Mist by Beauty Spa – to be sprayed on the face for an immediate refreshing effect and for a calming action useful for any skin type and, in the cabinet, Superozone 600 : the Sesazone 6000 Ozonized Oil concentrate with a repairing, sanitizing and re-epithelizing action, the must have in case of damaged skin.

Cleansing morning and evening: traces of make-up are not allowed.


A final note concerns lifestyles.
Maskne can also be fought at the table, by choosing foods that help the skin stay hydrated, fresh, oxygenated, such as fruit and vegetables, which are always great for you, it goes without saying!
Furthermore, it is useless to reiterate how harmful cigarettes can be, now more than ever, considering that with the mask the harmful substances remain adhered to the skin – literally glued to the mask itself – intoxicating it. If possible, it is better to clean the area after each cigarette break or vaporize Midday Mist by dabbing with a tissue. Finally, a note on physical movement, which promotes oxygenation and can be an opportunity to remove the mask and let the skin breathe.

– A nice walk can be good for your mind, body and even your face!



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Air POLLUTION is the INVISIBLE ENEMY of the cold season

Well yes, we are neck-deep in fall.

It seems like we are already hearing the news: pollution alarm, fine particles are skyrocketing, prefer public transportation and be careful about heating your homes too much.

Air pollution is the invisible enemy of the cold season: it weakens the body, makes it more vulnerable to attacks by pathogens and it underlies many seasonal ailments, as well as much more serious pathologies.

Fine particles and the skin

Fine particles are highly harmful even to the skin: they do not attack it directly, but insinuate themselves into the hair bulb, where they are covered by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are able to bind to the AhR cellular receptor causing:

  • Oxidative stress
  • Collagen alteration
  • Brown spots
  • Inflammation

Going through WINTER alone is a BEAUTIFUL CHALLENGE for your skin

It is therefore better to accompany it with a targeted product, which deeply knows how to defend it from PM attacks.

Lupus in fabula, here is Citymoist, an urban proof cream that contains a protective active ingredient selected for its ability to temporarily bind to AhR receptors instead of fine particles, thus hindering the degenerative process.

The benefits are numerous: from counteracting chrono-aging to protecting collagen, from a very pleasant luminous reflection for the skin to a restoration of its optimal bio-functionality.

If this was not enough, specific active ingredients for city life are incorporated into the formulation, such as Avenanthramides counteracting the inflammation typical of those who frequently move from open to closed places (just think of the subway) and three Hyaluronic Acids of different molecular weights to provide optimal hydration even when heating is at maximum.

Indispensable in the cold season, Citymoist is the metropolitan life-proof urban cream. A light massage, and off you go: ready for the city.
Other Beauty Spa branded products can be added to your skincare routine besides this wonderful cream, such as Pentavitamin (energy surplus with 5 vitamins, professional serum ideal for brightening gray skin, typical of those who live in urban environments) or the anti-pollution products of the line Aqua Concept perfect for cleansing like Hydramousse and Hydramilk.



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