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Source of water

Water is the prerequisite of life.

...and maybe we could end it here. But, perhaps, talking about skin, it’s worth highlighting a few concepts.

The skin is in constant dialogue with water: structured to prevent it from going through – let’s dispel the myth that skin does “drink” – in reality, TEWL releases just the amount of water necessary to keep the body healthy. In the meantime, it goes into action to remain hydra- ted, soft and velvety; this can be done thanks to the functionality of horny layer, which guarantees the so called NMF (natural moisturizing factor) and the production of sebum, both basic factors in the hydrolipidic layer balance.

The skin, the marvellous “fabric” that covers our bodies, is indeed the most “technical” there is.

Like all fabrics, however, it needs care and attention, starting from cleansing, which should become a true daily routine to safeguard beauty.

Two steps: cleansing and care, to be performed as a ritual, accurately, and with informed knowledge.

The Cleansing prepares the skin to receive the benefits of specific products, creating the perfect base, the blank canvas on which to draft beauty’s work of art. In the East they call it kimé, we define it as skin texture. And this is the true strength.
The care focuses on moisturization to prevent skin ageing, to improve turgor, to redefine face contour, to smooth features, promote cells functionality, give radiance, and make the skin more precious.
Beauty Spa makes it a philosophy with its exclusive Aquablend: a combination of active HP for full moisturization.


L’Aquablend: moisturizing concentrate

Aquablend is an innovative pool containing a combination of active ingredients of botanic origin selected for their moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. The effectiveness lays in their integration and synergy, in the way they interact with the goal of guaranteeing the skin’s perfect moisturization. 

1) Base Blend: water plus effect

This is the foundation of Aquablend, made of a series of extremely strong natural moisturisers:

Natural sugars

Natural Sugars of vegetable origin, such as Trehalose, Fructose and Maltose. In particular, Trehalose is extracted from an extremophile botanic that grows in the most barren lands in the planet and survives in spite of high levels of draught completely incompatible with life.
It assimilates water inside the tissues and reduces damages due to dehydration.

Hyaluronic Acid

Known for its strong moisturizing properties, it is a skin’s fundamental component, that bestows resistance and tone, improving also the skin’s ability to repair damages

Natural Moisturizing Factor

Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF), among which urea, pyrrolidone carboxylic acid, sodium lactate, allantoin and glycerine, dampening and moisturizing action. They are synthesized by the horny layer and promote cellular proliferation with a long lasting moisturizing effect.

Base Blend: the mechanism

Base Blend acts on two stages:
immediate, by ensuring the correct supply of moisturization and emollience:
long term, by contributing to improve the skin’s ability to manage its water content.
Considering that Base Blend’s benefits last for many hours, in the case of daily and repeated applications we can call it a true non-stop moisturization.
In particular, Base Blend’s small hygroscopic molecules penetrate the skin and rebalance the NMF combination, while specific film-forming polymers capture the water and maintain the correct level of moisturization, reducing water loss due to evaporation and consequently skin dryness. This translates into perfect moisturization and effective ageing prevention. 

Base Blend’s action has been confirmed by clinical trials

Short term
Measurement of the skin moisturization level.
20 subjects with normal skin, 1 application per day on the forearm, measurements after 1, 2 and 4 hours.

Long term
Measurement of the skin moisturization level
10 subjects with dry skin, 1 application per day on the forearm, measurements after 1, 2 and 4 hours.

2) Vitamins E, B5 e PP: a high fidelity pool

A precious pool of vitamins brings to Aquablend, and therefore to the skin, important substances and beauty effect.
- Vitamin E or Tocopherol
Fights the damaging action of free radicals contributing to the prevention of skin ageing and giving the skin a radiant, luminous, visibly healthy appearance.
- Vitamina B5 or Pantothenic Acid
It has undoubted moisturizing properties which promote NMF integration maintaining the skin soft and elastic. Also performs moisturizing and regenerating action, making the skin more compact and homogeneous.
- Vitamin PP o Niacinamide
Contributes to significantly improve the skin’s barrier promoting the increase of ceramides and of the barrier proteins, i.e. keratin and filaggrin. Also important is the action carried out by the Vitamin PP in improving the skin’s texture, mainly due to the decrease of sebum and reduction of open pores.

3) Avenanthramides for healthy skin

Avenanthramides are powerful polyphenols extracted from Oat, a plant known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.
In particular, these oat’s active elements showed their effectiveness in reducing redness and skin inflammations and decreasing histamine release.
Another property is its interesting antioxidant action, indispensable to prevent skin ageing.

An essential Blend, effective and balanced, to provide the skin with the moisturization it needs in each phase of the treatment.
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